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If you have any questions or suggestions about TexArb contact us directly by email at or use the form below, which will help us track your communication and helps it get to the right person. While we do our best to respond, TexArb is an unpaid, not-for-profit enterprise run by volunteers with jobs, cases, clients, families, and sometimes surprisingly demanding pets to attend to. We may not be able to respond to all inquiries in a timely manner or at all. Feel free to follow up.A few quick answers to frequently asked questions:

  • Do you accept contributions or suggestions? Of course! We welcome suggestions and occasional contributions of relevant subject matter, subject to editorial approval. We suggest using the form below.
  • Do the views expressed on TexArb reflect the views of your employer, your clients, or unassailable propositions of law that I can rely on as legal advice? No, the views expressed in TexArb are solely those of the individual offering them. That individual may be wrong, mistaken, overruled, superseded by new precedent or even change his or her mind. In addition, differing factual scenarios will produce different outcomes. TexArb presents commentary on the law, not a definitive statement of it. Always retain legal counsel to advise on your particular situation or issue.
  • Can you represent me/or my company? No, TexArb is not a law firm and does not represent clients. Many of our contributors are lawyers at law firms that are happy to consider requests for representation. Typically no representation is formally undertaken without a signed engagement letter and payment of a retainer.
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